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Beaver Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses in Beaver

Which are better: soft or gas-permeable lenses? There is no definitive answer. The reason that we carry both types here at Eye Town is that the decision should be made based on your unique needs and preferences. We’re pleased to make certain that whatever your tastes, comfort level, and lifestyle are, we have it among our Beaver contact lenses.

You could not have picked a better time to go with contacts. Today’s varieties are easy to wear, and they provide the sharpest vision and greater clarity than at any time in the history of contacts. That’s good news for you. There was a point where the tasks they could perform were more limited, but now you can get bifocal or multi-focal options, and correcting astigmatism is simple and effective with our Beaver contact lenses. Among the choices that you can pick from are daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and color-changing. With daily wear, you can keep them in for as long as 18 hours, while extended wear can stay in longer than that; even overnight if that’s what you need. You then take out our Beaver contact lenses and clean them so that they are prepared for the next use. We also understand that some of our valued customers do not want to be bothered with maintenance at all. And if that describes you, then disposable are ideal. You just wear them once and then out they go. You get a new pair out of your pack and you’re all set. Perhaps the most exciting, and certainly the most fashionable, of our contacts are color-changing. Haven’t you ever fantasized about having a new eye color? Now you can find out what you’d look like. You can even get them strictly for that purpose, without vision correction at all.

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