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Beaver eye testing

Beaver eye testing

Our Beaver eye testing is done with two basic goals in mind. First, to determine your current level of vision at all distances so that you can correct any deficiencies with the appropriate new or updated prescription lenses. Second, to screen you for common eye diseases, most of which do not reveal any obvious symptoms in their early stages. At Eye Town, we are committed to your eye health and also to helping you achieve the best vision that you’re capable of. This is why we recommend that you get an eye exam once per year.

Even if you already wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, it doesn’t mean that you cannot benefit from our Beaver eye testing. Your vision does change over time, and what was ideal for you a year ago might only be adequate today. And just adequate should not be good enough. Once you experience the sharpest and clearest eyesight possible, why would you ever want to settle for anything less? Of course, if you’ve never worn corrective lenses before, this could be the point at which you could enjoy the benefits they have to offer. You may not even think about it, but if you find yourself squinting or struggling to see things up close or see road signs in the distance when you’re driving, have headaches related to eyestrain, or you find that you have to hold a book away from your face to see it clearly, these are all signs that glasses or contacts could help you.

You’ve most likely heard of glaucoma and cataracts. These are two of the more common eye diseases, and ones for which you will definitely be checked for during our Beaver eye testing. The baseline test for glaucoma is called tonometry, and it measures your level of internal eye pressure, the key to diagnosing the disease. For cataracts, a slit-lamp exam is the first step, but other tests will be done if needed. In addition, if you meet certain criteria, you will also be tested for macular degeneration (age 40 and older) and diabetic retinopathy (type one or type two diabetes). The best outcomes are associated with early detection. And if you allow an eye disease to go undiagnosed until symptoms appear, you might suffer vision loss or eye damage, either of which might not reversible. Call us now and schedule your eye exam.

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