Beaver kids glasses

Beaver Kids Glasses

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Children’s eyewear in Beaver

Beaver kids glasses
Beaver kids glasses

How different is children’s eyewear from that of adult’s? Well, not only are they designed in the size that will fit him or her comfortably and look well proportioned on her or his face, but in addition we carry styles and shapes that your child is going to like, so that when vision correction is a necessity, it is a fun experience.

You may notice that your child’s vision is not as good as it should be. In many other cases, though, it is not easy to observe visual deficiencies in young kids. We suggest that you bring your child in for a complete examination by the time he or she is ready to begin school (and sooner if you have reason to suspect the need for vision correction). Our Beaver kids glasses can be a crucial tool in helping your child to do better in school. Social development, reading, playing, and even enjoying video games are all enhanced with sharper and clearer vision. Our eye doctor will perform basis testing in order to determine if your child need our Beaver kids glasses. This includes having her or him read from an eye chart. If your child is not yet of reading age, no problem. There is a fun and effective game that our eye doctor uses instead. It produces the same results. Then comes trying various strength lenses against your child’s eyes to find out which ones give the best vision possible. It is from that outcome that the prescription will be written. Our optical department will fill it, and while that is happening, your child and you can select the frames to go around them.

To get our Beaver kids glasses for your child, simply contact our office and let us set up a convenient time for you both to come in for an appointment.

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