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Are your eyeglasses failing to work as promised, despite the fact that your eyes have not changed their optical prescription within the past year? Believe it or not, accurate vision correction requires much more than a perfectly made pair of prescription lenses. Ophthalmic eyeglass frames themselves are vital to both the comfort of your face, as well as your eyes’ ability to see clearly. To find out how just how a professionally and personally fitted pair of optical frames and lenses can truly make all of the difference in the way you see, simply visit the experts at your local Beaver optical store of Eye Town.

Designer Eyeglass Frames 84713

Designer Eyeglass Frames 84713

Often times large chain optical stores can make you feel as if you are simply just another number in a long line of customers. In these cases, personal details and attention can often become overlooked, and while you may believe this is done in leu of saving you time and money, often times neither excuse is true. Most optical stores from large, nation-wide chains are forced to charge more in order to pay for the name they operate under, making prices rise and service ability fall. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at your trusted Beaver optical store always pride ourselves on providing our customers with attentive service and designer eyeglasses at affordable prices, to make the vision correction you need one you can fit into your budget. At your final appointment to receive your beautiful new optical frames, our staff takes the time to personally fit your eyeglasses to your unique facial and optical needs. The face of your eyeglasses, or the region which holds your lenses into place, needs to be perfectly straight in order allow for proper light refraction that produces crisp and clear vision. Eyeglass fittings insure not only the comfort of your frames, but they also work to perfect your vision. An eyeglass fitting should never end with just a check that the pieces around your ears are firm but comfortable, but should also work to insure that your eyes are truly seeing their very best, so you can live your life to the fullest.

For eyeglass fittings that will truly work for your personal and optical needs alike, be sure to visit the team who puts you first at your neighborhood Beaver optical store. Our welcoming and professional opticians at Eye Town have been proudly serving your local community for over a decade in affordable and personalized optical care with a full range of optical care services. Our on-site lab insures that both lenses and frames alike are crafted perfectly, as well as timely, all the while cutting out the middle man to save you money. For optical care that truly puts your needs first, be sure to visit Eye Town for your next pair prescription eyeglasses.

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