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Vision impairments can develop at any age, however some are more likely to occur to certain demographics than others. For instance, many adults over the age of 40 find themselves slowly developing farsightedness as they age. Our Beaver optometrist here at Eye Town, Dr. Albrecht, can provide you with the eye exam needed to pinpoint your specific vision issues and help you find the right prescription to handle your farsightedness on a regular basis.

It is generally recommended that people of all ages see their eye doctor about once a year for a general checkup and a vision screening. Vision screenings become increasingly important for adults over the age of 40, since issues such as farsightedness become more likely to develop due to aging. As the body ages, the lens of the eye loses its elasticity, much like skin, and eventually becomes flatter over time. As the lens becomes more flat, it makes objects in the foreground, or objects that are closest to you, more blurry and difficult to see clearly. As you age, you may notice that your ability to read, look closely at your phone or anything else diminishing. When this occurs, it is recommended that you get readers, or glasses used for seeing things like text up close. Our Beaver optometrist, Dr. Albrecht, can take a look at your changing eyes here at Eye Town to see exactly what prescription strength you need in order to see the world around you more clearly. Our Beaver office is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm and we accept most insurance plans to ensure that your visit is as affordable as possible.

Our Beaver optometrist and our dedicated staff here at Eye Town have been serving the Beaver and Cedar City UT areas for over 10 years. Offering comprehensive eye exams, contact lens services, and providing a large selection of designer frames, sunglasses and affordable eyeglasses for both adults and children, plus so much more, we can make sure that all of your eye care needs are met.

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