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Taking care of your eyes is important. This includes both your vision health as well as your overall eye health. A quick look in your eyes during a physical by your general practitioner is by no means a comprehensive eye exam, but our Cedar City optometrist here at Eye Town can provide you with the complete care that you need to stay healthy and informed on a regular basis.

Cedar City Eye Exam

Cedar City Eye Exam

There is a lot to consider when it comes to your eye health. It does not just pertain to your vision alone. Even people who have perfect 20/20 vision should schedule regular appointments with their eye doctor. There are many aspects to your eye health and your visual acuity is just one of them. The quality of your vision can change within a year or two, which is why routine visits are important. This way, your prescription can be properly updated and maintained. If it is discovered that your eyes are changing at an alarming rate, then this may be a key clue to the presence of an eye related disease or condition, such as cataracts. Speaking of eye diseases, our Cedar City optometrist, Dr. Albrecht, will also be sure to give you a thorough eye screening. This will look for any signs or symptoms of eye conditions, especially those that can only be detected with the help of such a test during their earlier stages. Conditions such as glaucoma can often go undiagnosed due to a lack of regular eye exams. Eye diseases like glaucoma can yield little to no noticeable symptoms to the suffering patient during these stages and can often only be detected via a comprehensive eye exam. If regular eye appointments are not made and kept up with, a person suffering from such a condition may not notice any symptoms until damage has already occurred.

Here at Eye Town, ourĀ Cedar City optometrist Dr. Albrecht can also help patients suffering from eye allergies or infections as well. If you are in need of comprehensive eye care, look no further than Eye Town. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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