Cedar City UT Glaucoma Laser Surgery

Laser eye surgery in Cedar City UT

Cedar City UT glaucoma laser surgery

Cedar City UT glaucoma laser surgery

Here at Eye Town, your eye health is our highest priority. Glaucoma occurs when your internal eye pressure exceeds the normal level due to an imbalance between how much fluid your eyes create and how much is drained. The increased pressure can result in damage to your optic nerves and vision loss, which could be permanent in extreme cases. Because of this, it is vital that glaucoma be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. One method of treatment is Cedar City UT glaucoma laser surgery. Our eye doctor will conduct various tests, ideally on a yearly basis, to determine if you have this eye disease. Glaucoma presents no symptoms during its early stages. This is a big reason why regular checkups are important.

Whether Cedar City UT glaucoma laser surgery is right for you will depend on various factors, including how far the disease has progressed. For mild to moderate cases of glaucoma, eye drops or oral medication may be sufficient to address the situation. It is in moderate to severe glaucoma that a surgical solution is more likely to be suitable. And while we understand that no one looks forward to surgery, laser procedures are less complicated and promote quicker recovery than traditional surgery. Furthermore, by having Cedar City UT glaucoma laser surgery, you may be able to avoid a more invasive treatment later on. The laser procedure is done on an outpatient basis. Your eyes are numbed with anesthetic eye drops. A high energy laser is then used to open up clogged drainage canals. Eye fluid will start draining more efficiently, leading to reduced pressure. It’s a precise treatment and leaves no scars.

We recommend an annual eye exam for all of our valued customers. So call us right now and schedule yours. If you do have glaucoma, the best outcomes are typically linked closely to early detection.

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