Contact Lens Exam Kanarraville

Contact Lens Exam Kanarraville

The vast majority of people who require vision correction wear contact lenses, enjoying the crisp vision it provides without having any obstructions on their face. New contact lens materials have made today’s contacts even more comfortable, safer, and easier to wear. Contact lenses are primarily prescribed by your Kanarraville eye doctor to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia – the most common refractive errors.

Many patients of Eye Town in Cedar City and Beaver, Utah choose to wear contact lenses instead of glasses because of the its many lifestyle advantages. Contact lenses provide better vision correction because they do not obstruct your visual field like eyeglass frames. Additionally, they offer excellent peripheral vision. Contact lenses are placed directly on the cornea (the clear outer surface of the eye), so they won’t get in the way during sports or other recreational activities. Whereas eyeglasses fog up in warm rooms, contact lenses provide you with clear vision no matter the weather.

However, there are some disadvantages to contact lenses. They require getting used to not only wearing them, but placing them in your eyes every morning. Our Parowan optometrists have found that patients typically adjust to their soft contact lenses within a week, becoming more adept at taking them in and out of their eyes. Contact lenses are optical medical devices and should be handled with great care, which requires regular cleaning and disinfection, as well as proper nightly storage. To receive a contact lens prescription, you must schedule a Kanarraville contact lens exam with our Utah optometrist, Dr. Albrecht. Lastly, contact lens wear may be difficult for patients with severe allergies,  overly dry eyes due to pregnancy or medications, uncontrolled diabetes, as well as patients who work in an environment with dust and chemicals.

After assessing the pros and cons of contact lens wear, please visit Dr. Albrecht in Kanarraville, Utah for a thorough eye examination. Our eye doctors will test your suitability for contact lenses and determine which specific lens option is best for your optical requirements.

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