Eye Exams in Beaver

Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye care is a vital part of overall health care. Taking care of your overall wellbeing requires various checkups and exams that a general practitioner cannot offer you. While a routine visit with your doctor can alert you to any present conditions, a routine eye exam with an eye doctor can provide you with more insight before the condition worsens.

Beaver Utah Optical Store

Beaver Utah Optical Store

Often, when a general practitioner identifies an issue, it is with the naked eye and the condition may have already developed significantly. Our eye care specialists here at Eye Town in Beaver can properly screen your eyes for any pressing conditions and make sure that your eye health and vision health is on point.

The eyes are very sensitive parts of the body. Not only are the susceptible to vision change, but they are also prone to irritation, infection and other more serious diseases. If you have a family medical history of eye disease, such as age related macular degeneration or glaucoma, then you should absolutely make sure to schedule regular visits with an eye doctor. Also, if you have diabetes, regular eye exams are necessary because diabetes can cause more complicated forms of eye diseases that are particular to patients living with diabetes. A comprehensive eye exam here at Eye Town can even tell you whether you have diabetes or high cholesterol as well. When it comes to eye irritations and inflammations, it is always good to monitor any symptoms. Many common eye allergies have similar symptoms as eye infections and other complications related to injuries such as corneal abrasions or chronic dry eye. Here at our offices in Beaver, our eye doctor can provide you with the comprehensive eye care that you need to monitor your eye health and keep an eye out for any developing conditions or diseases.

Comprehensive eye exams can also alert you to changes in vision. As you age, your cornea can begin to lose its shape and result in loss of visual acuity. Even if you do not already have any vision impairment, it is important for adults to keep an eye on their vision progression for this reason. If you are due for an eye exam or are experiencing any sudden or strange eye symptoms, then schedule an appointment with us here at Eye Town in Beaver for a comprehensive eye exam today.

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