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Being able to see clearly does not always come naturally. In fact millions of people live with some sort of vision impairment that they must deal with every single day. The matter what kind of vision impairment you happen to have, you will need to use some form of vision correction in order to see clearly on daily basis. Sometimes, vision impairment problems can be diagnosed during childhood, which is why children should have their vision checked at least once a year. Here at our eye shop in St. George, Eye Town, we can provide you and your child with the children’s eyewear and family eyewear that you need.

Vision impairment problems are fairly common. While some people may be diagnosed with vision impairments during childhood, while they are teenagers, or even during early adulthood, even older people experience changes in their vision, especially after the age of 45 or so. Even people who have lived most of their lives with perfect vision experience some form of vision changes after this period of time. This is often due to the changing shape of the cornea as it loses elasticity with age. Vision impairments come in different shapes and sizes. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism, or lay anywhere in between on the spectrum, it is important that you get the proper vision correction and vision care that you need every single year. The quality of your eyesight is always subject to change, which is why annual exams and tests are recommended. Even making the smallest change to your vision prescription can make a world of difference. If you happen to be in the market for a children’s eye wear or family eye wear, then our eye shop in St. George has everything that you need. First, one of our optometrist here at Eye Town will test your vision and compare it to any current vision prescriptions that you are using. Once your prescription needs have been verified, we can move onto exploring what options are available to you when it comes to eyewear. Children and adults need different forms of eye wear, generally because children are much smaller and it is imperative that glasses fit comfortably no matter what.

Aside from finding the perfect pair frames that suit your personal tastes and sense of style, it is important that you find a pair of eyeglasses that fit your face correctly. Wearing glasses that too tight can cause eyestrain and frequent headaches, and glasses that are too loose can easily fall off or slip down your nose, which can be especially problematic for children who tend to be active and break their glasses in the process. Here at Eye Town we can help make sure that your glasses fit perfectly while also ensuring that your vision prescription is as accurate as it can be. If you are in the market for a new set of glasses or if you need to update your prescription, then come visit our eye shop in St. George today.

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