Family Eye Care Cedar City

Family Eye Care Cedar City

During your eye examination with Dr. Albrecht at Eye Town in Utah, specific tests will be conducts using special equipment to assess general eye health and detect any abnormal vision conditions or diseases. There are several tests that you can expect during a routine eye exam at Eye Town, including binocular vision testing, color vision testing, visual acuity test, keratometer, refraction, ophthalmoscopy, visual field testing, topography, tonometry, and a slit lamp exam.

While the reason for several of these tests are obvious by their name, Dr. Albrecht has taken the time to describe a few of these tests below. A visual acuity test is a measure of how well you see, of the clarity/clearness of your vision. When measuring visual acuity, your Cedar City eye doctor will refer to “perfect” vision as 20/20. Having a higher number on the bottom of the ratio, such as 20/40, means that you have a refractive error, like nearsightedness or farsightedness, all of which can be corrected by prescription eyewear. A keratometer is a diagnostic instrument for measuring the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea, specifically for assessing the extent of astigmatism.

As mentioned above, an eye examination in not just a way to diagnose refractive errors and update one’s optical prescription, it also reveals eye diseases. With several tests like ophthalmoscopy and tonometry, your eye doctor will examine the inside of your eyes and the internal pressure of your eye. These findings will reveal conditions like cataracts, diabetes and glaucoma.

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