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Eye Town is your go-to Cedar City optical store for multifocal lenses. Multifocal eyeglass lenses contain two or more lens powers that help patents to see objects of all distances in one set of eyeglasses. Once a patient loses the ability to naturally change the focus of their eyes due to age, bifocals provide the solution. There are several options from those patients suffering from presbyopia: bifocals, bifocals or progressive lenses. Bifocals contain two lens powers, whereas trifocals contain three. Bifocals are for seeing objects clearly at a distance and nearby, and trifocals are used for seeing objects at a distance, at an intermediate distance and nearby.

84721 Optical Store

84721 Optical Store

Progressive lenses are used for the same reason as bifocals and trifocals but they do not have the visible lines that show the change in the focal plane. They are a lens solution that offers smooth change in focal length. Many of our patients prefer these because the traditional multifocal lenses cause them to have headaches as they switch distances. Many people also think that the lines in the traditional lenses make them look older. With progressive multifocal lenses neither of these problems occur. Progressive lenses may cost more than traditional multifocal lenses, but many customers of our Cedar City optical store think that the benefits make them worth the price tag.

As your trusted provider of quality vision care, Eye Town is here to make sure all of our patients get the very best vision care. We want to protect the vision of you and your family. Our expert and dedicated staff will work to restore your vision, protect it, and even enhance it. We are able to achieve our mission with the use of eye exams, great customer service and care, and by offering the best products on the market. Make an appointment to see us today. With a comprehensive eye exam we will be able test for degenerative eye diseases, and check to see if you are in need of glasses or a new prescription. We have been proudly serving as our communities go-to Cedar City optical store for many years and we look forward for caring for you and your family for many more years to come.

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