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Are you concerned about the needs of your son or daughter in order to correct their current vision problem? Eyeglasses for growing families are an essential part of life, as vision problems are increasingly common in today’s modern world. However, finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses that fits your requirements for quality and safety, as well your child’s needs for looks in a pair of frames they will be able to wear everyday with confidence, can be a challenge for any family. Fortunately, you can always find the perfect fit for kids of all ages as well as adults with eyeglasses from your optical store in Beaver with the welcoming offices of Eye Town.

Clear vision is vital to a child’s growth and education. Recent studies have shown that vision accounts for over 80% of a young student’s ability to learn new concepts in the first and crucial years of education. This means that a vision problem can work to hold your son or daughter back in the classroom. For these reasons, as well as destructive optical illnesses such as amblyopia, children should be receiving their first eye exam no later than age three, and preferably beginning at six months of age. Annual eye exams with your local optical store in Beaver can work to catch vision problems before your child enters the classroom to insure they have everything they need to get the perfect start.

Eyeglasses for children need to provide an aesthetic which kids will enjoy wearing, as well as protection and durability for parental peace of mind. Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds with children’s eyeglasses from your trusted optical store in Beaver. Polycarbonate lenses are the perfect prescription lens for kids, as they are the most resistant to scratches and damage, and can even protect young eyes from impacts that would otherwise cause optical injury. Eyeglasses can be found with your child’s favorite cartoon characters, as well as bright and bold styles that are fun to wear. Children’s eyeglasses from Marchon are designed withstand the rough and tumble lives of kids by moving with the forces of impacts to resume their original shape, for a malleable frame that resists damage due to twisting, crunching, and even snapping.

For the very best in eyewear for kids of all ages, be sure to visit your neighborhood optical store in Beaver at the esteemed practice of Eye Town. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over a decade with the latest advances in optical technology and vision wear to care for patients of all ages and levels of need. With the wide selection of eyeglasses and contact lenses at Eye Town, you can be sure to find everything your family needs to see clearly.

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