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Getting a contact lens prescription is similar to getting a prescription for eyeglasses, but there are more parts to it. This is because unlike with eyeglasses, your contact lenses directly touch your eye. Also, because the distance between the lens and your eye is much closer, the prescription itself is figured differently. At Eye Town, we’re dedicated to making sure that your contact lenses fit you comfortably and improve your vision to the greatest extent possible. Dr. David Albrecht, our optometrist in Cedar City, will perform all of the necessary tests to determine the proper prescription for your contacts.

Contact Lens Exam 84721

Contact Lens Exam 84721

As part of determining the need for contact lenses, you will have a comprehensive eye exam. This is important not only to gauge your visual acuity, but also to screen you for common eye diseases, most of which are not connected with any obvious symptoms in their early stages. But when you are getting contact lenses, your exam is more extensive than the standard one. This makes sure that your prescription gives you the maximum benefit. Our optometrist in Cedar City will check various parts of your eyes including your conjunctiva and eyelids. In addition your corneas and their curvature will also be evaluated.

Proper fitting is also a key component of the process. First, because if the lens does not sit in your eye properly, your prescription will not be accurately centered and you will not see as well as you should. Perhaps of equal importance is that an improperly fit contact lens can make you more prone to getting an eye infection. It’s also true that you aren’t likely to be very enthusiastic about wearing contact lenses that are uncomfortable or painful. In the end, seeing well may lose out to feeling good. Our optometrist in Cedar City doesn’t think you should have to make any such choice.

Start by scheduling an appointment for an eye exam. Contact lenses have many advantages including providing a more natural type of vision than eyeglasses and full peripheral vision. They also don’t alter your appearance. Our optometrist in Cedar City is ready to get you started.

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