Parowan Optometrist

Parowan Optometrist

Your eyes are too important to risk. But so many patients of Dr. Albrecht’s misuse their contact lenses and put the health of their vision at risk. To make sure your eyes and vision stay healthy while wearing contact lenses, please following these few guidelines as recommended by your Parowan eye doctor, Dr. Albrecht of Eye Town.

For many patients, it takes several days for their eyes to get used to wearing contact lenses. The best way to maximize visual comfort and keep your eyes healthy is to follow a wearing schedule for the first few days. For the first day, you should only wear your soft contact lenses for six hours and your gas permeable or hard contact lenses for four. Over the next five days, increase these increments by two hours each day, until you get to twelve hours. Our Parowan optometrist, Dr. Albrecht advise that you do not wear your contact lenses for longer than twelve hours a day until your first follow-up visit at Eye Town. Also, if your eyes become red, irritated, painful or if your vision gets worse, while wearing contact lenses, take then out immediately. Dr. Albrecht advises that you thoroughly clean the lenses and give your eyes a few hours to adjust before you attempt to put the contacts back in. If this problem persists, contact Eye Town in Parowan and schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.

The most important part of contact lens care is properly storing and cleaning them. Infectious organisms, bacteria, and deposits can build up on the surface of your contact lenses over time, which is why it is so important that you keep them clean and disinfected. There are four main steps in proper contact lens care. Our Parowan eye doctor suggests that you first clean the lens to remove dirt, mucous and other debris. Disinfect the contact lens to kill bacteria and other germs on the lens. Rinse the lens to remove the solution you store your lens in. And lastly, use enzyme drops to remove protein and other deposits that build up on the lens.

If you follow these instructions and guidelines, you should never have a problem with your contact lenses. If you are experiencing any discomfort with your lenses, please contact Dr. Albrecht in Parowan, Utah to schedule an appointment.

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