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St. George contact lenses

St. George contact lenses

Did you wear contact lenses several years back but decided to give them up because they did not provide the vision correction or comfort you wanted? The good news is, today contact lenses are much more comfortable and convenient than they were even 3 to 5 years ago. Contact lenses are also much more optically enhanced to be able to provide you with even clearer vision. For all these reasons you may want to reconsider wearing contact lenses. If you are interested in getting contact lenses again, or for the first time, come to see us at Eye Town for your St. George contact lenses.

At our eye care practice our expert and highly trained optometrist is Dr. David R. Albrecht. At our eye care practice Dr. Albrecht is able to provide you with a comprehensive eye exam or contact lens exam and fitting. Both of these exams will thoroughly review your eyes for their refractive abilities as well as check if you have any eye diseases or disorders. However, when you have a contact lens exam our optometrist will also need to measure the curve of your cornea and the size of your iris. This information is included as part of your contact lens prescription; it is very important that contact lenses fit your eyes exactly because if they fit poorly your eyes can be damaged. Whatever type of St. George contact lenses you need, you will be able to get them at our Eye Town optical practice.

Contact lenses are used to correct vision problems of many types including astigmatism nearsightedness, or farsightedness. Today contact lenses can even be bifocals which means that you will not need reading glasses anymore. Contact lenses can also be multifocal including as many as three different vision prescriptions. Our optometrist specializes in fitting our customers for all types of contact lenses, including specialty contact lenses. Today there are many different contact lenses available that fit in with a wide variety lifestyles. Soft contact lenses, which are very easy to wear and are very easy to get used to, come in several different options including: extended wear; daily wear; disposable wear; and color changing lenses which make it appear as though the color of your eyes has changed. Color changing lenses can either have vision correction, or no vision correction. However, you will need a prescription for them to ensure proper fit. If you have astigmatism you will be prescribed toric contact lenses which will have you seeing clearly and crisply once again. For St. George contact lenses come see us at Eye Town.

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