St. George Eyeglasses

Getting the right prescription in St. George

St. George eyeglasses

St. George eyeglasses

Eyeglasses remain a highly effective, simple, and cosmetically-pleasing way to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Here at Eye Town, we’re committed to making your experience wearing our St. George eyeglasses a pleasant and productive one, and that most certainly includes ensuring that you get the right prescription for your needs.

An eye exam is recommended yearly, not just to gauge your current vision needs, but also to offer screening for common eye diseases. Regarding your eyesight, your requirements are in a continual state of evolution. Just because you never needed glasses before does not mean that you could not benefit from them now. And even if you’ve worn them for years, an update to your prescription can make all the difference between merely adequate vision and outstanding vision. Our optometrist does a series of tests, including having you read from an eye chart and doing a refraction test, in which various strength lenses are used to determine which gives you the best vision correction. You should also be sure to bring in your current eyeglasses if you have any, so that you can be tested both with and without. This entire process is designed so that our St. George eyeglasses will be the ones that are perfect for you, providing you with maximum sharpness and clarity. We will also make it a priority to ascertain that your glasses fit you properly, neither so loose that they fall off or jostle constantly; nor tight enough to dig into your ears or pinch your nose. You will also be able to select from our wide variety of great-looking designer frames so that our St. George eyeglasses will also be an expression of your individuality and your sense of style.

Just contact our office and we will schedule a convenient time for you to have an eye exam. You can be confident that St. George eyeglasses you get from us will be the ones that suit you perfectly.

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